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Catholic Faith Education Newsletter
November 24, 2008
- Volume 1, Number 14

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§ With Advent just around the corner, a number of new resources have appeared on the the Web. These, along with the numerous resources that have been online for several years, offer much that is useful to catechists and teachers. We have recently listed and reviewed some of these in two postings on the Catholic Faith Education Blog: Advent 2008 Resources Online and Christmas Advent 2008 at Catholic.org goes Live.



§ Our Catholic Faith - Loyala Press - This section of the Loyola Press Web site provides numerous articles and other resources about Catholic teachings, prayers, saints,sacraments... Read more...

§ Christian Clipart - The Resources for Catholic Educators Web site has recently added a collection of over 250 clip art that can be useful for Church Bulletins or worksheets.

Technology and Religious Education

peaceLove§ Motivator is an online generator that allows you to easily create a rather nicely framed small posters with a title and a short caption using an image of your choosing as well as the color of the frame and of the text.To see a few posters I "created" in a few minutes with this online tool and to access this online tool: click here. This tool is so easy to use that you could ask your students to come up with inspirational posters of their own!

Resources on the Sunday Readings

Words of Wisdom Posters

Click on the images to see a full-sized version.

 Edith Stein

My longing for truth was a single prayer.
-- Edith Stein

Saint Augustine

He that is kind is free, though he is a slave;
he that is evil is a slave, though he is a king.
-- St. Augustine

Scripture Cards - Download and print a sheet of four scripture cards to print, cut and give to students, catechumens, or friends ( yes, of course you may keep one for yourself  (-: )...
John 1.4

...and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1.4
Download PDF document

John 1.4

...and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1.4
Download PDF document

Also see Scripture Clipart Cards and Scripture Posters


Printable Monthly Calendar

Other Useful Resources Online

Resources for Advent and Christmas


Articles - Traditions & Stories - Advent & Christmas Clipart - Art & Images - Music - Prayers & Meditations - Crafts and Activities - Coloring pages - Miscellaneous

Articles Online

§ The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership Web site makes available two interesting articles from the November/December edition of the Catholic Leader Magazine. Both of these are on reconciliation:

Missed Opportunity PDF document By Msgr. Patrick Bishop

Confession, penance, reconciliation: each title describes an aspect of the sacrament. I want to zero in on the last one. It is, after all, the opportunity offered to us by the church to admit, learn from, and put behind us the hurts caused by our remaining in darkness and failing to walk in the light of Christ.”

Sacrament and Social Ministry PDF document By Robert Schreiter, C.P.P.S.

“When catechists and other ministers hear the word “reconciliation,” they are likely to think immediately of the sacrament of reconciliation. This is not surprising, since this sacrament is so central to Catholic identity and imagination. Yet alongside the preparation for and practice of the sacrament another important dimension of reconciliation in the church’s life and ministry has been drawing attention: social reconciliation, as in the bringing together of parties that have been divided, the healing from the wounds of abuse and trauma, and the restoring of communication in families.”

§ Spirit of the Season is a publication from the Liturgy Office of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.

"It is for teachers, catechists and all involved with worship with children. It hopes to offer reflection and information in the area of worship."

Previous issues of the publication are available online from year 2000 onward and offer much information that is of value. The index of past issues provides a good idea the topics covered and in which issue you can find resources on a given topic.


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