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  Below are reviews of some of the good Lenten sites available for personal growth and/or for background in preparing lessons on Lenten themes. Click on one of the items in the menu below to be taken to that section. There are so many sites with good Lenten resources that it was impossible to review all of them here. Consult our Lent, and Holy Week links page for a list of other web sites.

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General Web sites

bullet  A good place to start is the Saint Anthony Messenger web pages Lent: Call to Conversion. Here you can find answers to questions such as these: "Why ashes on Ash Wednesday? What are the official fasting and abstinence rules? Why do we receive palms on Palm Sunday? Why are there 40 days in Lent? Scroll down the page to gain access to good feature articles on Lent, as well as audio and video clips.

bullet Lent and Holy Week: Overview and On-Line Resources - practical ideas for Lenten devotions, prayers and spiritual exercises for Holy Week, readings by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio explaining the significance of the number forty days, lots of great readings from the Church Fathers. Many of the resources are available as PDF files that can be downloaded for free and duplicated for family or parish use.

bullet  Holy Week - part of the Inter Mirifica web site - provides a number of documents for the Lenten period including the following:

A Palm Sunday hymn composed by Theodulf bishop of Orleans, when prisoner at Angers, by order of Louis the Good. Sung during the procession on Palm Sunday in the Tridentine Rite; a History of Palm Sunday; the Pange Lingua - Eucharistic hymn written by St. Thomas Aquinas; and explanations of The Washing of the Feet and Maundy Thursday.

bullet Lent 2002: an opportunity of Grace Sponsored by Campus Ministry at the University of Dayton
Under Calendars and Activities: suggestions for daily Lenten activities, a short prayer for each day of Lent, links to commentaries, homilies, reflections on the Lectionary Scriptures for each day of Lent.

Beginning of Lent ASH WEDNESDAY and following
— February 13, 2002
First Week of Lent — February 17-23, 2002
Second Week of Lent— February 24-March 2, 2002
Third Week of Lent — March 3-9
Fourth Week of Lent — March 10-16
Fifth Week of Lent — March 17-23
Passion-Palm Sunday: Holy Week March 24-28
The Great Paschal Triduum— March 28 (afternoon)- 31(eve)

Lesson Plans

bullet Bread or Stone - Penitential Preparation

bullet Stations of the Cross Project

Prayer & Meditation

bullet Heart Prayer for Children Lent - by Lucille Perrotta Castro based on the Catholic Lectionary - Beautifully illustrated pages of prayers especially for children.

bullet Meditations and Prayers for Lent and Easter by Victor Hoagland, C.P. - "These pages, with reflections and prayers inspired by some of the principal gospels and celebrations of Easter and Lent, may be a helpful companion during these holy seasons of faith." - An excellent Lenten resource.

bullet Message of the Holy Father for Lent 2002

bullet Lenten Meditations Written by M. Jean Frisk, The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute - These are beautifully illustrated and the text is wonderful to read - There are five mediations in all: Mediation I, Mediation II , Mediation III , Mediation IV, Mediation V

bullet At the Foot of the Cross - by Gilles Côté

Coloring Pages

Lenten Clipart & Images

bullet Clip Art 1 for Holy Week & Clip Art 2 for Holy Week - 66 clipart, some in black and white others in color. Click on the small images to enlarge them.

bullet See also our lenten clipart pages: Lent - Palm Sunday - Holy Thursday - Good Friday

Links to Images - Holy Week

bullet Scripture Clipart - with scriptural verses.

Crafts & Activities

bullet A Christian Passover Seder Meal - "Haggadah means "Book of Remembrance' and it is the book, or liturgy that tells the Jewish people how to celebrate the Passover Seder (meal.) Christ, mysteriously incarnate as both the Son of God and a faithful Jewish man choose the Passover Seder to institute the new 'meal' of salvation and redemption. Christians can celebrate this seder to share a common ancestry with our Jewish brothers and sisters, and in memory of the meal that Jesus celebrated with his apostles. This 'Messianic Passover' meal should be celebrated on Holy Thursday. " - from the source

bullet This Lutheran web sites offers beautifully illustrated resources for children:

The Events of Holy Week

bullet Making a Paschal Candle - Here are the instructions for making the Paschal candle.

bullet Palm Crosses - Step by step to making palm crosses with illustrations.

bullet Make a Basket of Blessing Eggs - by Monica McConkey

bullet Our Sins on the Cross - by Monica McConkey

bullet Exploring Lent - by Mary Ellen Vice

Stations of the Cross

bullet Stations of the Cross - Especially for Children - Beautifully illustrated meditations on the stations of the cross for children and their families. By Lucille Perrotta Castro.

bullet Stations of the Cross of a Person With AIDS - "Father McNichols has accompanied many an AIDS sufferer on the journey towards death. He has participated as a friend in that journey and has been powerfully transformed by it. In this short work he conveys to us, in the imagery and symbol of the stations of the Cross, the insight his experiences have given him into the way persons with AIDS share in the sufferings of Christ. He enables his readers to stand, as it were, at the foot of the bed just as the loyal disciples once stood at the foot of the cross on Calvary." -- from the forward by Raymond C Hunthausen Archbishop of Seattle

bullet Stations of the Cross on Your Block - St. Anthony Messenger Magazine Online - An interesting concept.

bullet The Passion of Jesus Christ - several excellent features:

bullet Click here for more stations of the cross online.

Catholic Relief Services

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