Pope Benedict XVI



  • Pope Benedict XVi - Click to enlargeThe Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI on the above is by artist Danielle Vergne.
  • Pope Benedic XVI Portrait - Stained Glass Pattern - This pattern was made tocommemorate the selection of Pope Benedict XVI, on April 19, 2005.The picture was made from a photograph of the new pope emerging from the balcony in St.Peter's square.
  • Cardinal Ratzinger - Pope Benedict XVI - The Crossroads Initiative - A number of articles on and by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinter.
  • Pope Benedict XVI - CBSNews.com - This site contains the following features:
    • Photos: His First Appearance Text And Video
    • Timeline:Road To The Papacy
    • His Views: Quotes On Major Issues
    • Life in Photos:Images From 7 Decades
    • After the Vote:Becoming The Pope
    • Namesakes:Other Pope Benedicts
    • Video Archive:A Church Chooses

Benedict XVI

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Benedict XVI

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